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Invitation to the IPM 2018 in Essen, Germany

BCM and AVS on the IPM 2017

IPM 2018

BCM focuses on premium conifers at IPM

Conifers are becoming more and more popular as shapely groves at the entrances at houses or on the terrace. The special among the conifers we will show now in the selection "Premium Conifers". This assortment consists of well combinable conifers with different stature and differently colored needling for the easy-care and modern garden. The special feature of the selection is not only rarity and quality of the plants, but also the size of the pot: the noble conifers are not only available in the 7-liter but also in the huge 15-liter container. The golden pot color and the matching, striking picture label will make sure a conspicuous image at the point of sale in the garden center, which can be supplemented with flyers. The "Premium Conifers" range includes 100,000 plants in the C7 and 30,000 plants in the C15.
The range of "Premium Conifers" includes the Abies koreana with special features such as 'Blue Emperor' and ‘Kohout's Ice Breaker®’, which are characterized by their compact growth and their intense silvery shimmering needles. The slow-growing Pinus mugo 'Piccolo', particularly compact and bizarre and the Pinus parviflora 'Negishi' enrich the color palette with steel-blue needles. The range also includes the healthy Pinus strobus 'Green Curls' of Weymouth pine, whose fresh blue-green needles are slightly twisted, and the two-needle Pinus sylvestris 'Martham'. A selection of multi-faceted Chamaecyparis varieties complements the selection with compact or picturesque-bizarre growth. "The garden or balcony owner does not have to worry about elaborate cutting work, they grow naturally extravagant and remain compact," says owner Christoph Marken about the expressive plants.


New Lucky Berry®

As an increase in the berry fruit assortment we can count the novelty Lucky Berry®. The compact Vaccinium bears its fruits throughout the summer from July to October, making it a particularly fertile fruit. The sweet treats are constantly ripening and contain a lot of vitamin C. The rich harvest can be used as an ingredient for biscuits, pancakes or yoghurt, thus picking up on the growing awareness of nutrition and the urban gardening trend. In the stores the Lucky Berry® with the striking blue 4.6-liter pot will be available from the summer of 2018. To promote sales in the garden center there is a complete, distinctive PoS wooden stand available. In addition, there are eye-catching banners with a boy in rural charm, which creates a recognition value for the elaborate folding label. The Lucky Berry® is supported by reports in women's and gardening magazines.


Blueberry strains

Also suitable for urban gardening we recommend an additional rarity: blueberry stems in 7-liter containers with a stem height of up to 40cm. In this culture form, the growth is completely concentrated on the fruiting crown. Thus, even in a small space as on the terrace or the balcony, the harvest is plentiful. In the four varieties Vaccinium corymbosum 'Bluecrop', 'Chandler', 'Duke' and 'Toro' the practical blueberry strains are available. Every wish to taste, harvest time and fruit size should be covered with the popular blueberries on stem. Our production volume for the special feature amounts to 10,000 pieces.

From the new range of premium conifers in the golden look, the Lucky Berry® and the popular berry fruit assortment, everyone can convince themselves at the IPM in Essen in January. From 23.01 to 26.01.18 our booth can be found in hall 11, booth No. 11G16.